Adjustment Panel Process Steps:

Chicken Farmers have the opportunity to appeal to OBHECC when they have an issue with their hatchery that cannot be resolved.

Regulation D-1 - Regulation D-1 defines the parameters and procedures surrounding a Chick Quality Adjustment Panel.
Policy Direction 65 - Policy Direction 65 describes the procedures used during an Adjustment Panel.

The steps for requesting an Adjustment Panel to convene are: 1) Send in your request along with the proper paperwork within 21 days of placement
The request will be filed at OBHECC. You can work with you hatchery during this time to work out an agreement. The hatchery will NOT be notified of the request. Paperwork Required:
- Copy of Original Delivery Slip
- Copy of Mortality Records
- Copy of Veterinarian Report(s)

2) Pay for your chicks within the regulated timeframe
You must pay for all chicks deliveried within 7 days after processing. No requests will be heard unless all chicks are paid for on time.

3) Request the hearing to proceed
If you have not been able to come to an agreement with the hatchery, you can ask OBHECC to convene the adjustment panel.

4) Send in additional paperwork to OBHECC staff (as decsribed in Policy Direction 65 and Regulation D-1) so that the request can be approved by the board.

Adjustment Panel Request Form:

Please fill in the all the information below to initiate the process to request OBHECC to convene an Adjustment Panel

Once you fill out your request, an email providing more details about the process will be sent to the email address provided.

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