Egg Quality

Ontario Broiler Hatching Egg Producers must maintain compliance with the CHEQ (food safety) program. Each premise is inspected every 14 months at minimum. Egg quality is ensured through regulation and an allocation system that only pays for saleable chicks.

Breeder Management Guides
COBB Breeder Management Guide
ROSS Eggshell Guide

Hatchery Quality

Hatcheries are inspected through unannounced OBHECC audits as well as CFIA inspections. Hatcheries must adhere to strict CFIA Quality Management programs and audits in order to maintain a hatchery licence

CFIA Manual Of Procedures

Chicken Quality

Brooding is a very important part in producing quality chicken

Brooding Guidelines
COBB Broiler Management Guide
Ross Broiler Handbook

Adjustment Panel

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